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Leclerc urges F1 against bad Monaco move

Leclerc urges F1 against bad Monaco move

Leclerc urges F1 against bad Monaco move

Leclerc urges F1 against bad Monaco move

Charles Leclerc feels F1 would be making "a bad move" if the Monaco Grand Prix was axed from the calendar.

With additional street circuits in Miami this year and Las Vegas next season joining the calendar, Monaco's future has been brought into sharp focus, not least given the fact it is a track on which you cannot overtake.

The renowned 'jewel in F1's crown' is in the final year of its current contract, with a new deal expected to be announced before the August summer break, although there have been suggestions it could be dropped.

But with Miami and Las Vegas on board, Monaco has been given a wake-up call as to what a street venue should offer in terms of delivering entertainment on and off track.

Asked as to whether F1 could exist without Monaco, the Ferrari driver who was born and raised in the principality, said: "It would be a bad move for both parties.

"I have never known Monaco without Formula 1 apart from for Covid reasons in 2020, and Formula 1 without Monaco, for me, is not Formula 1.

"Formula 1 has historic tracks like Silverstone, Monza and Monaco, too, and they should stay on the calendar."

Driver makes the difference in Monaco

Leclerc is adamant Monaco deserves its place on the calendar for the challenge it provides the drivers, which he feels no other F1 track can replicate.

"Overtaking is difficult but what we all love as drivers is the challenge in qualifying, just pushing to the limit," assessed Leclerc.

"There is no track that comes close to the adrenaline we get in Monaco and, for me, it is part of F1’s history and it should stay in Formula 1.

"Of course, we need to go to the best race tracks, and I really think Monaco is one of the best race tracks out there.

"In terms of qualifying, there is no place where I enjoy it as much as I do here, and as much as the driver can make a difference because the barriers are so close.

"You can feel the danger because you really have the sensation of speed, and in terms of qualifying it is probably the most exciting qualifying of the year.

"I agree that in the races there are things we could change here and there to improve overtaking because the cars have changed, evolved, and it might not be the best track to overtake.

"But in terms of a challenge for the driver, it is one of the toughest challenges for us throughout the year and a track like this should stay on the calendar."

Asked, though, how the circuit could improve to aid overtaking, after a lengthy pause, and recognising the challenges involved, Leclerc replied: "I've thought about it sometimes.

"Maybe before the tunnel you could go to the left and do a big straight there but how feasible it is, I'm not sure."

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