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Miami GP accused of "winging it" with "terrible" track surface

Miami GP accused of "winging it" with "terrible" track surface

Miami GP accused of "winging it" with "terrible" track surface

Miami GP accused of "winging it" with "terrible" track surface

Lando Norris has accused Miami International Autodrome's developers of "winging it" with the track surface that has drawn negative feedback from drivers.

F1's stars expect the inaugural Miami Grand Prix to descend into a follow-the-leader style race, citing a general lack of grip off the racing line on a surface that has been sourced from local materials.

Ahead of the race weekend after filming a segment for Sky Sports F1, Martin Brundle and Sebastian Vettel could be seen picking small fragments of gravel out of the surface.

Repairs were also made to turns seven and 17 before and after Friday practice due to the surface breaking up yet the lack of grip off-line has been the primary subject of disappointment from drivers across the grid.

"On the racing line, it is not bad grip, it is reasonable-ish, it is just very hot which makes it feel even worse," said McLaren driver Norris.

"The fact is just that off-line it is really, really terrible. We come to the races and there are so many fans here and everyone expects such an amazing race.

"When you come to it and then they are trying something new with the surface and something they have not really done before, then I think we end up in the position like we are.

"It is tough because you don't want every track to be exactly the same. You like the differences, you like to them to be unique.

"But when there is so much expectation, you want good racing and want us to provide good racing and entertainment and everything, then there is a surface that they are trying and kind of winging it in a way to see what it will be like, is not good enough because we can't do what they require, we can't put on a good show and we can't race."

Norris - "Not our fault" show will be poor

The grip issues off-line have caused concerns over the lack of overtaking to come in the first race around the Hard Rock Stadium, with drivers more than likely deterred from sending a move down the inside of rivals.

On the prospect of a poor show in front of an expectant crowd, Norris added: "It is not our fault but it is a shame.

"If it was like what we have in Saudi, for example, very high grip in general and survives in hot temperatures, then I think everyone would be looking forward to an extremely exciting Sunday.

"There you can go wide, do different lines, alternate lines, you can do anything whereas everyone is stuck to just following line astern and it is a lot more difficult to race that way."

Additional reporting by Ian Parkes

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