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Gasly hails "insane" Miami as F1's "Super Bowl"

Gasly hails "insane" Miami as F1's "Super Bowl"

F1 News

Gasly hails "insane" Miami as F1's "Super Bowl"

Gasly hails "insane" Miami as F1's "Super Bowl"

Pierre Gasly has hailed the Miami Grand Prix 'F1's Super Bowl' the like of which the sport has 'never had before'.

The hype has been building for the inaugural event leading up to this weekend, and with the atmosphere reaching fever-pitch before a wheel has turned.

Asked if he had ever experienced a build-up like this, Gasly said: "It's like a Super Bowl, it's our Super Bowl in F1.

"We've never had anything like this and I'm super excited, especially after the last two years with Covid where it was impossible to have any marketing, communication, a big event with the fans.

"On Wednesday, I've never seen that in Formula 1 where people show up at the track the way they did and give that much energy.

"So there has been a massive build-up, and I must say I always use that energy to fuel myself up."

On initial viewing of the circuit map, concerns were raised with regard to a potential lack of overtaking across the weekend.

Since viewing the circuit first-hand, however, a number of drivers have dismissed these fears, including Gasly.

"To me, it looks amazing, very fast, two very long straight lines which is great because it means there's going to be a lot of overtaking," he explained.

"The first sector is very high-speed, with a super, super tight second sector, and it looks fast and I'm very excited.

"But you're going to need an engine with big lungs to pull you on these straights."

Miami F1 facility "insane"

The area around the Hard Rock Stadium has undergone a major transformation in recent months to prepare for the arrival of F1, which has left Gasly stunned following an initial visit of the site earlier this year.

"I was here in January and I can't believe how much this whole complex has changed," said Gasly.

"You've got to respect the work they've put in over the last few months. It's really insane to arrive at such an end product."

One feature of the Miami International Autodrome that has been derided by fans is the fake marina with its painted chipboard 'water'.

Asked for his thoughts on the addition, the AlphaTauri driver joked: "It's cool. I prefer Monaco's marina.

"I'm more worried about people's condition because with that sun, and after a couple of drinks, they'll probably jump out of the boat into the marina, and that's not going to end up well.

"Otherwise, it's going to look cool."

Additional reporting by Ian Parkes

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