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Volkswagen F1 support "not unanimous"

Volkswagen F1 support "not unanimous"

Volkswagen F1 support "not unanimous"

Volkswagen F1 support "not unanimous"

Volkswagen Group CEO Herbert Diess has revealed Audi and Porsche did not receive unanimous support in their successful F1 bid.

Audi and Porsche have been given the green light to progress with plans to join the F1 grid alongside the next generation of engine regulations.

But with the automotive industry shifting towards electrification, concerns were raised that now is not the moment to make the move.

“The discussion on the Board was not unanimous,” reflected Diess. “We certainly have other priorities strategically.

“It's not necessarily motorsport, but our cars have to be technically up to date, we have to be able to drive autonomously, we need the software capabilities, we need batteries for our cars. We have enough to do and we don’t really need to do Formula 1.

“But our premium brands say that's the most important lever to increase the brand value and to be able to take a little bit more for the cars in terms of pricing. And also to demonstrate to the competition that you have superior technology, in the case of Audi.

“That's why the Board of Management and the Supervisory Board have all voted in favour of this."

Audi Porsche begin engine work

The 2026 engine regulations are yet to be confirmed, some details are known with the MGU-H [motor generator unit - heat] to be dropped entirely.

Listed as 'key aims', F1 has suggested that engines will also run on 100 per cent sustainable fuel with a greater focus to be placed on the electrical element.

With Porsche set to link up with Red Bull, Diess commented of Audi's situation: " Audi still has to decide in which constellation and with which team.

"But both have started to develop engines.”

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