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Rossi reveals "disenchanting" Haas talks

Rossi reveals "disenchanting" Haas talks

F1 News

Rossi reveals "disenchanting" Haas talks

Rossi reveals "disenchanting" Haas talks

Alexander Rossi has revealed he was left 'disenchanted' after talks to join Haas for its fledgling F1 season fell through.

Rossi remains the last American driver to have competed in F1 after making five starts with Manor Marussia towards the end of the 2015 season.

The driver had previously served as the test and reserve driver for Caterham in 2012 and '13 before switching to Marussia midway through '14.

With Haas set to join the grid in '16, links were quickly drawn between Rossi and the American-owned team with talks known to have taken place.

But speaking on the Beyond the Grid podcast, Rossi went some way to explaining why no deal was achieved.

"There were some conversations and then, in Monza of 2015, without mincing any words, it was basically, from management, 'We are not interested in you'," said Rossi.

"'We don't think any Americans are qualified to race in Formula 1 at this point and you are best to go off and go your own way.'.

"That was the conversation. The Haas conversations were very short and to the point.

"There is no violin that I look for, it's just a part of the sport and ultimately the thing that...if I had to say I had a problem with something, it is purely just that there are commitments and there were things that were said and done with Haas that ultimately didn't happen for one reason or another.

"That is the disenchanting thing about it but that is the way that life goes and the way life works."

IndyCar as brutal as F1

To compete in any category requires drivers to bring a significant amount of financial backing.

Comparing his F1 experience to IndyCar, the 2016 Indianapolis 500 winner reflected: "But we see it over here in The States and in IndyCar.

"It is to a lesser scale, obviously, but the budgets are much less so it all makes sense.

"But ultimately, we haven't seen an American in a Haas car in seven years. Forget me, they haven't put anyone in."

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