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Perez issues quit threat over F1 calendar expansion

Perez issues quit threat over F1 calendar expansion

Perez issues quit threat over F1 calendar expansion

Perez issues quit threat over F1 calendar expansion

Sergio Perez has threatened to quit F1 if the calendar continues to expand.

F1 is set for a record-breaking 23 races this season, with the axed Russian Grand Prix in September due to be replaced by a second event in Singapore or a return to Qatar after its debut last year, while European circuits are also vying for the spot.

At present, the current Concorde Agreement - a pact between F1, the FIA and the 10 teams - limits the number of races to 24, which is due to be the case next season.

Las Vegas comes on board, Qatar returns after its break from this year's World Cup - if it is decided it does not fill the Russian void - whilst China is also scheduled to return from its lengthy Covid-enforced absence.

There is provision to go beyond 24 providing there is agreement, although F1 has made clear this is a route it is eager to avoid, despite the commercial incentives.

Red Bull driver Perez, however, has now stated there is a breaking point for all involved, and his is close to being reached.

Asked by The Athletic as to what he is optimistic about with regard to F1, and what worries him the most, the Mexican replied: "What I’m really optimistic about is the fact it’s growing a lot.

"I can see wherever we go in the world, you feel it on the streets, people recognise you a lot more, people are into the sport a lot more. There’s a very big demand.

"But on the other hand, having too many races is a no-go - at least for me.

"Right now, you’re basically [immersed in] it because we have so many races. We have simulator sessions before each event. We have partner events.

"So we basically have zero time for ourselves and for our families. I have a couple of young children [with a third on the way].

"I think if the calendar [expands] more, then I definitely will not do it."

F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali recently remarked there is such demand from venues looking to host F1 that the sport could run to 30 races per year.

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