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Ricciardo "accountable" for Sainz race-ending crash

Ricciardo "accountable" for Sainz race-ending crash

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Ricciardo "accountable" for Sainz race-ending crash

Ricciardo "accountable" for Sainz race-ending crash
Ian Parkes & Ewan Gale

Daniel Ricciardo declared himself "accountable" for the collision that ended Carlos Sainz's Emilia Romagna Grand Prix at the first corner.

Ricciardo made a move down the inside of the Ferrari at Tamburello but in wet conditions and climbing the kerb, the McLaren slid into the rear-left of Sainz's F1-75.

The Australian was subsequently hit from behind by Valtteri Bottas, whilst Sainz was left beached in the gravel for the second time in successive races.

Addressing whether damage prevented a comeback, Ricciardo said: "For the most part, we have to see how much the damage affected us. From Carlos, it was okay in terms of damage but it was secondary.

"Once I touched him and spun him around, then I got a push at the back so there is a little bit at the back of the car I saw.

"At first, as soon as the safety car came out, all I remember is the push so I thought I got hit into Carlos, but I think it was originally me going into him and then I got a bit more help after."

Detailing the incident, Ricciardo added: "From memory, you know turn one is going to bottle up. I think I got up on the kerb to try to give myself a bit more space but I remember as soon as I got on it, I just started sliding right off it.

"I was sliding up-up and at some point, Carlos has to turn left to then make the right and we kind of just came in and I collected his rear.

"As soon as I hit him, I saw him spinning and it was not fun. It ruined my race but also his. I obviously have to be accountable for that. I don't think it was something where I was all locked up and ploughed into him."

Ricciardo offers Sainz apology

Ricciardo visited the Ferrari motorhome post-race to offer an apology for Sainz, whose weekend in front of the Tifosi ended how it began in qualifying.

After explaining he would watch the incident back to see if "there was something I could have done", Ricciardo explained: "In your head, you say I could have been more cautious but as soon as you are that person, someone else is going to be doing that to you or be on your inside.

"By being too conservative sometimes you can put yourselves in danger."

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