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Ricciardo "thrives" on new track challenges

Ricciardo "thrives" on new track challenges

F1 News

Ricciardo "thrives" on new track challenges

Ricciardo "thrives" on new track challenges

Daniel Ricciardo feels that racing at new venues and existing tracks that have been changed gives drivers the best opportunity to show their true talent.

F1 returned to Ricciardo’s home venue of Albert Park in Melbourne earlier this month and the drivers had to get to grips with a significant number of modified corners since they last raced there in 2018.

They will have to learn an entirely new circuit in Miami in May and McLaren driver Ricciardo is already relishing the challenge that awaits.

“Going to new places, I think there's… call it a double upside," said Ricciardo.

“You get to explore, if you've never been to that place, a new city, new country, then as a driver, trying to suss out a new circuit and break it down quicker than anyone else.

“That's something we also enjoy and thrive on. I love getting to a new track and trying to just master it quicker than the others. There is definitely some enjoyment and satisfaction from going to a new venue."

Ricciardo - F1 needs a mix of new and old

Along with Miami this year, the sport added Saudi Arabia to its calendar last season and has also brought back circuits such as Zandvoort and Imola long absences in recent years.

Several venues were brought back or introduced over the last two years to fill gaps left by coronavirus related cancellations, including the Portuguese, Styrian and Turkish Grands Prix, all of which were not included in 2022.

And while Ricciardo said he is “all for it” when it comes to introducing new destinations, he warned F1 bosses not to neglect the long-standing venues that are loved by fans and drivers alike.

“The flip side is, whether it's your Monzas or your Spas, your Silverstones, these are tracks we've competed at our whole life, so there's also a lot of history,” added the Australian. “It's kind of nostalgic and sentimental to race there.

“I think for those home fans and that crowd, it's very special to them and there’s probably generations, or whatever, [that] have been going to those exact races at those exact venues.

“So, there's definitely some special places that I would obviously want to keep continuing to go to, but equally excited to explore new ones.”

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