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Ferrari needed "blank sheet of paper" to win again - Sainz

Ferrari needed "blank sheet of paper" to win again - Sainz

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Ferrari needed "blank sheet of paper" to win again - Sainz

Ferrari needed "blank sheet of paper" to win again - Sainz

Carlos Sainz has insisted Ferrari needed the "blank sheet of paper" of F1's new regulations to get back to the top of the sport.

Sainz has taken two podiums behind team-mate Charles Leclerc, who won in Bahrain and finished second in Saudi Arabia, to give Ferrari a 40-point lead at the top of the constructors' standings.

It is the first time Ferrari has competed for victories since 2019, with two lean years stemming from an underpowered power unit in 2020.

Asked what triggered the turnaround, Sainz explained: "It's been a few tough years for Ferrari and these tough years, we've used them to rebuild a bit the team in the internal side of it, to try and make ourselves stronger, become better at what we do.

"We've used the regulation change of having to start from zero, and a blank piece of paper, like we've done this year, to use this, this improvement in the way we work to put it into practice and suddenly be back at the top.

"I've always believed that Ferrari had the right people and the right mindset to be where we are right now.

"But we needed a blank sheet of paper because Red Bull and Mercedes with the previous regulations, they just had a very big advantage on the rest of the field and we felt like that gap was very difficult to cut back without a reset.

"This reset has given us the opportunity and we've used it in a very good way."

Sainz hails Tifosi excitement

With the renewed vigour on show from the Scuderia, the passionate Tifosi once again has something to cheer for at F1 tracks.

Addressing the Ferrari fanbase, Sainz said: "Certainly, as a Ferrari driver, it’s just great to see it, and see the excitement of the Tifosi coming back and give them back a bit what we've missed in these last few years because it was definitely not where we want it to be.

"But you could already feel it here in Melbourne and in other places that people are getting excited again. And this is good, I think, for the sport and for Ferrari."

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