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Leclerc - F1 new era "very boring" without DRS

Leclerc - F1 new era "very boring" without DRS

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Leclerc - F1 new era "very boring" without DRS

Leclerc - F1 new era "very boring" without DRS
Ian Parkes & Sam Hall

Charles Leclerc has claimed even the thrilling new era of F1 would be "very boring" if the sport decided to remove DRS.

F1 first introduced DRS in 2011 in a bid to increase the number of overtakes in a race and to improve the overall spectacle.

Leclerc and Max Verstappen demonstrated how the device can be strategically used in Saudi Arabia given their thrilling duel in the latter stages, albeit aided by the new aerodynamic regulations that improved the ability to follow another car.

While the critics continue to claim the device creates only artificial overtakes, Ferrari driver Leclerc feels the positives continue to outweigh the negatives.

"DRS needs to stay for now otherwise the races would be very boring," insisted Leclerc.

"As much as following has been better from last year to this year and it is a positive step, I like this step as a driver. It is very positive for the sport.

"But I still think it is not enough to get rid of the DRS."

In the race in Jeddah, Leclerc and Verstappen engaged in a game of cat and mouse as both men braked early into the final corner to avoid conceding a DRS advantage onto the main straight.

Although it was a duel ultimately won by Red Bull's current F1 champion Verstappen, Leclerc added: "It [DRS] is part of it and I actually quite enjoy it.

"It is part of the strategy for each driver in terms of defending and overtaking so it is a part of racing for now."

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