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Alfa Romeo "green" for 2022 overhaul

Alfa Romeo "green" for 2022 overhaul

F1 News

Alfa Romeo "green" for 2022 overhaul

Alfa Romeo "green" for 2022 overhaul
Ian Parkes & Ewan Gale

Alfa Romeo team principal Fred Vasseur has indicated "everything is green" in development for the team's 2022 challenger.

F1 has introduced vastly changed regulations this season that have brought ground-effect back into the sport and removed a multitude of the aerodynamic components seen on cars in recent history.

Vasseur's squad struggled to ninth in the constructors' standings last season despite displaying early promise but had switched developmental focus towards the upcoming campaign at the start of 2021.

Speaking to GPFans about the new challenges in an end-of-season interview, Vasseur explained: "I am always concerned because it's my mentality.

"For sure, in terms of milestones and the homologation of parts, everything is green.

"The issue... I don't know if it is the right word, but it's that we have a huge rate of development and improvement, but I think it's the same for everybody, we are at the beginning of the project and we don't know where the others are.

"It means that if you compare the rate of development of this season and we compare to the last 10 years, it's much bigger, but I'm sure that it's true for everybody.

"We don't know if the others are in [an] advanced [position] or not compared to us. We just have to stay focused on our job.

"To reshuffle the team, it's always a long project because you are rotating people. You select someone. He will join in two years. He will work on the car of year-end plus three.

"Now we have a very strong team with a very good internal relationship and this is a huge asset. So far, everything is green."

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