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Raikkonen thought about quitting F1 "many times"

Raikkonen thought about quitting F1 "many times"

Raikkonen thought about quitting F1 "many times"

Raikkonen thought about quitting F1 "many times"

Kimi Raikkonen has revealed he considered quitting F1 on numerous occasions prior to finally deciding to call it a day.

Raikkonen served F1 for a total of 19 seasons from 2001, taking a two-year break in 2010 and 2011 during which time he competed in numerous other categories.

The 42-year-old Finn finally bowed out of the sport at the recent Abu Dhabi Grand Prix with Alfa Romeo, the 349th race of a remarkable career that included him winning the 2007 title.

Speaking in an interview with GPFans just before the end of the season, Raikkonen said: "Over the years it [thoughts of retirement] come many times in my mind, a long time ago.

"Then obviously I was two years away. Then over the years, it was anywhere, one races or fives races, 'Oh, that's enough!' That's how it goes.

"In the end, it was my decision. Obviously, it was discussed over the years many times [with his family].

"It wasn't that they said something. It was my decision to do what I wish. I'm sure they're happy because I'll be at home more."

Family pulled at Raikkonen's heartstrings

The family was the key reason for Raikkonen deciding enough was enough, with his thoughts now focused on son Robin, six, and daughter Rianna, four.

"I want to have more time at home with the kids, they grow up quickly. I want to spend time with the family, do more things," said Raikkonen.

"Not really having the schedule to live as a family because of my schedule, that negates everything.

"For sure, the kids, it's not been easy for them. It's tricky, it's hard to be away a lot, obviously, and it's not the nicest thing for them but on the other hand, it's all they've known.

"They're used to it because it's what they only know but they've been asking a long time now [when he would stop]."

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