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F1 drivers are not "stars" - Vettel

F1 drivers are not "stars" - Vettel

F1 drivers are not "stars" - Vettel

F1 drivers are not "stars" - Vettel
Sam Hall & Ewan Gale

Sebastian Vettel has insisted F1 drivers are not "stars" and that his love of the sport is what drives him to compete.

The Aston Martin driver is one of the most popular drivers on the grid, having raced for Ferrari and taken four consecutive world titles as a Red Bull driver between 2010 and 2013.

Ahead of the Qatar Grand Prix, Vettel was asked by a young fan what it was that made him believe he could become a star.

“A star like us? I don’t know, I don’t consider myself a star at all," replied the German.

"I don’t think that racing drivers are stars. I think we are what we are, we are racing drivers.

“I fell in love with the sport at a very young age and I’m still loving it today. I think that is what drives me so it is not really anything else.

“Surely, there are lots of nice things that I have experienced through the job or through that life but the key thing is that I fell most in love with the driving.”

McLaren driver Lando Norris, who sat alongside Vettel during the FIA press conference, added: “I think what Seb has said is correct.

"We see ourselves as just drivers and normal people who are here to enjoy doing what we are doing and as Seb said also, we do it since we started just because this is what we love to do.

“We don’t do it to see ourselves as stars or anything more than that. Maybe other people from watching see us as that but I think realistically, we’re the same as them.

"We can just drive a car a bit better than they can.”

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