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F1 "spotlight" leaves Qatar with "no excuse" to change - Domenicali

F1 "spotlight" leaves Qatar with "no excuse" to change - Domenicali

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F1 "spotlight" leaves Qatar with "no excuse" to change - Domenicali

F1 "spotlight" leaves Qatar with "no excuse" to change - Domenicali

F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali believes Qatar has "no excuse" not to change under the spotlight provided by Formula 1.

F1 has been questioned this year given its decisions taken to do grand prix deals with Qatar and, in particular, Saudi Arabia that hosts its first race in a fortnight.

Organisations such as Amnesty International have long criticised the sports-washing campaigns undertaken by certain Middle Eastern countries given their poor human rights records.

Qatar has been the focus for a number of years after being awarded the World Cup that starts in a year's time, notably due to its treatment of migrant workers.

Once the World Cup has concluded, F1 will return to Qatar from 2023 on a 10-year contract.

Asked whether it was right for F1 to visit Qatar, Domenicali told Sky Sports F1: "For me, it is very simple - there’s no reason to hide.

"As soon as these countries choose to be under the spotlight that Formula One is bringing, there’s no excuse. They have taken the route of change.

"As always in life, you cannot pretend that millennial cultural habits can be changed overnight. That would be illogical and not rational.

"But through Formula One, through sport, they will have the intensity to make sure that the progress will be done in a faster time, in a faster way than it would normally take to do those changes.

"And that is why we are here, with no fear, to make sure things are done in a proper way."

Insisting F1's sporting approach is "very caring" and that "humanitarian issues are important", Domenicali added: "They have taken an impressive and factual approach with us, so that’s really the answer.

"I would say I do believe that in a couple of years in the future someone will recognise the important role Formula One has given to these important changes in our society."

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