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'Traditionalist' Verstappen against F1 sprint

'Traditionalist' Verstappen against F1 sprint

F1 News

'Traditionalist' Verstappen against F1 sprint

'Traditionalist' Verstappen against F1 sprint
Ian Parkes & Sam Hall

Max Verstappen has labelled himself a 'traditionalist' and claimed with more "competitive cars" there would be no need for F1's sprint.

Formula 1 will complete its third trial of the sprint qualifying format at the São Paulo Grand Prix this weekend, which is to expand to six next year.

Despite the 100km distance, Verstappen explained the only action comes on the opening lap, with the remainder a procession as drivers avoid damage and mistakes that could carry a price into Sunday's grand prix.

"The main excitement comes from the start because after that, in the number of laps you do, you put the tyres on to last to the end mainly, especially the guys at the front," said the Red Bull driver.

"There is not a lot of passing going on. I don't think it really matters at what track you do it. I still think there's still things to fine-tune about it.

"But if people like the excitement of the starts and doing two starts in a weekend, why not. For me personally, I am a bit more traditional.

"If we have competitive cars and all the teams closer together then, naturally, we don't need to change anything. We will see."

Hamilton Verstappen crashes "unfortunate"

Verstappen has crashed with title rival Lewis Hamilton at both grands prix that have followed Saturday's sprints at Silverstone and Monza.

Asked if the pair needed a change of mindset this time around, Verstappen said: "No, I don't think so.

"I think it is just a bit unfortunate it happened in the two sprint races [weekends].

"I think the first crash, it is what it is and the second one was also because we had a bad start and a very slow pit stop so that is how we got into that situation in general."

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