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Vettel calls on F1 to go "to next level" with future approach

Vettel calls on F1 to go "to next level" with future approach

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Vettel calls on F1 to go "to next level" with future approach

Vettel calls on F1 to go "to next level" with future approach

Aston Martin driver Sebastian Vettel believes F1 needs to do more and with greater haste to tackle its global climate approach.

Vettel has become an environmental activist and has been outspoken in his views this year with regard to the changes he feels need to be made to achieve a better world.

At present, F1 has set targets of wanting to reuse, recycle or compost all waste from races by 2025, followed five years later for everyone involved in the sport to have a net-zero carbon footprint.

"There are some good ideas and some good actions, and while I can't speak for everything because I'm simply not aware of everything in every country, is it enough? No, it's not enough," said Vettel.

"Are we rolling out a carpet every Sunday in front of the grids with a lot of great messages on there? Yes. Do we always stand by them? I feel, no. We have to do more. We have to take more responsibility."

In F1's pipeline are greener fuels and power units, although the latter is not due to be introduced until 2026.

Vettel added: "I think we can have a more relevant set of regulations that deserve their place in society.

"Ideally, you then have what Formula 1 stands for - technical leadership and road-relevant technology that one day is transferred to the road to the benefit of all of us.

"As it's currently set up, I think the relevance is very limited. Nothing is due to change in the next four to five years. I understand the reasons why, but is it correct? Probably not."

Vettel feels F1's calendar could also be addressed to "stop or avoid unnecessary travel back and forth".

Highlighting further changes, he said: "The way we're having our events, we need to take more responsibility. I think we can raise that to the next level.

"To reach carbon neutrality, there are plenty of ways to get there. For me, it needs to be done in a way that has the F1 approach about it.

"We need to see it in terms of this huge challenge and trying to hit it hard rather than maybe approaching it in a way of 'We won't make it, but we can buy plenty of certificates to make it happen'. It's an option, better than nothing.

"But to me, it doesn't feel like it's the Formula 1 way, as in 'Here is a challenge - I want to be the fastest driver on the grid, to have the fastest car, to be the best team. How am I going to do that?' It's not by taking shortcuts."

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