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F1 reveal quartet of "untouchable" races

F1 reveal quartet of "untouchable" races

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F1 reveal quartet of "untouchable" races

F1 reveal quartet of "untouchable" races

Formula 1 has labelled a quartet of historic grands prix as "untouchable" in the results of a recent fan survey.

The survey completed by Formula 1 and Motorsport Network, in collaboration with Nielsen Sports, revealed that despite an increase in events away from the European heartland of F1, four of the oldest races on the calendar remain the most popular.

Listed as "untouchable" in the results were the British, Italian, Belgian and Monaco weekends.

“Monaco, Spa, Silverstone and Monza. They are the favourite races, interestingly, for all ages and almost regardless of how long fans have followed the sport," explained James Allen, president of the Motorsport Network.

“We did the survey in 2015 and 2017 so a lot of the questions are the same from survey to survey in order to be able to track the views and actually what is interesting in this section is that not a great deal has changed in terms of the favourite races."

Despite not taking place last year, Japan and Brazil follow and with Australia, a race that has not been contested for two years, the eighth most popular.

Germany, which no longer features on the calendar, remains seventh.

At the bottom of the list are China and Russia, although the events are joined by Miami and Saudi Arabia, circuits that F1 has yet to race on.

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