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F1 considering yellow-flag trial in Texas

F1 considering yellow-flag trial in Texas

F1 News

F1 considering yellow-flag trial in Texas

F1 considering yellow-flag trial in Texas
Ian Parkes & Sam Hall

FIA race director Michael Masi has revealed F1 could trial a system in which drivers will have a lap time deleted in qualifying if they pass through a yellow-flag zone.

When yellow flags are displayed trackside, drivers are expected to slow down as there is an incident on the circuit. Should double yellow flags be waved, drivers must be prepared to stop if required.

In Turkey, Alonso was investigated for ignoring double-waved yellows in qualifying as he set a time comparable to others on that lap. As the track dried, however, the time became irrelevant and the Spaniard avoided punishment.

Explaining the situation, Masi said: "It is one of those unique situations where you could argue that everyone who had set a lap time, that first lap out, that went through double yellows, it was a meaningful lap time because at that point in time, it was the only time they had set, as was the case with Fernando."

Despite this, Masi has confirmed a test could be run during practice for the upcoming race in the United States where times are deleted on any lap where yellow flags are shown to discourage drivers from continuing to push.

"That could be a solution, let's see what we do at Austin," added Masi. "We have done it when it happens for track limits and we can investigate what areas will work best and just make sure there are no unintended consequences.

"It sounds, on the face of it, like it could be a good resolution but you have to talk through it all with a sporting advisory committee anyway, and that is one of the ones on the agenda.

"There is probably a bit of tweaking of wording we can do. It has been one of those that has been as it has been for quite a while. With some discussion we have had, there is probably some refining we can do to make it clearer for everyone."

As the potential 'test' would not be a regulation change, the FIA would not need to put the change to a vote which is ordinarily required should F1 wish to permanently adopt an idea or solution.

"It is in my event notes, so it is not even a regulation change, so the legal terminology would be 'it is the test'," confirmed Masi.

"You need to comply with the requirements within the ISC [International Sporting Code] with applying the double-yellow flags, but effectively to prove that you have done that, the test is the meaningful lap time scenario."


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