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Wolff tells F1 rivals to ‘bring it on’ as Mercedes query raised with FIA

Wolff tells F1 rivals to ‘bring it on’ as Mercedes query raised with FIA

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Wolff tells F1 rivals to ‘bring it on’ as Mercedes query raised with FIA

Wolff tells F1 rivals to ‘bring it on’ as Mercedes query raised with FIA
Ian Parkes & Will Gray

Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff has expressed his enjoyment at what he sees as the time being wasted by his F1 rivals who have sought guidance on an element of the W12.

It is understood Red Bull and Ferrari approached the FIA ahead of this weekend’s Dutch Grand Prix over concerns Mercedes is chilling air in the inlet manifold, a concept that would prevent the engine from overheating and keep temperatures consistent.

Asked about the matter, Wolff said: “I heard about it a couple of days ago. I would wish we had some kind of special solution but it is the modus operandi of Formula 1 that queries are being taken to the FIA, questions are being asked. It is completely normal.

“We love the fact that they are spending time on these things and researching and we welcome very much any initiative that they wish to do and then look at it. If that is a distraction for any other team, that is good.”

Mercedes has recovered this season after pre-season testing suggested its grasp on the title would be loosened this year, only to again lead the championships going into the race at Zandvoort.

Asked whether it was a case of 'bring it on', Wolff replied: “Yeah, I love it. [We are] absolutely used to it and this is the normal course of events.”

Red Bull questions “totally normal”

Questioned on the detail of Red Bull’s query to the FIA, Horner said: "Obviously, we consult with Honda because their mechanism to request to the FIA is through the team.

"So we raised a couple of questions technically through the technical forum that we are just expecting some clarifications on, so it’s nothing untoward.

“As is the nature with all technical clarifications, they go between all the teams.

“Those clarifications are usually to ascertain if something is, in the eyes of the governing body, acceptable as a solution and then if it is you follow suit.

"We’ve had numerous of those this year with our car and I think it’s something not unique to Red Bull and this topic certainly isn’t unique to Red Bull.

“Obviously, between the engineers, within their forums as well, the working groups, it is an ongoing process, so I am sure it doesn’t come as any great surprise.”

Questioned whether Red Bull's new hires from Mercedes had furnished the team with the information, Horner replied: "That would be completely illegal to do anything like that, so of course not.

"But it’s not Red Bull that has instigated all of this, there are a couple of other manufacturers that have noticed some things and we are just asking for clarification which is totally normal."


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