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FIA explain "quirky" situation behind Perez Belgian GP return

FIA explain "quirky" situation behind Perez Belgian GP return

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FIA explain "quirky" situation behind Perez Belgian GP return

FIA explain "quirky" situation behind Perez Belgian GP return

FIA race director Michael Masi has explained how Sergio Perez was allowed to start the Belgian Grand Prix from the pit lane despite crashing out on the parade lap.

In the wet conditions at Spa-Francorchamps, Red Bull driver Perez aquaplaned off a kerb at Les Combes and into a tyre barrier, burying the nose of his RB16B and breaking the suspension.

At that stage, Red Bull radioed into Masi to inform him he would not be participating in the race.

But due to the delays that unfolded, and as the race had not officially started despite two early formation laps behind the safety car, Red Bull later enquired whether Perez would be allowed to compete if the car could be repaired in time.

Masi initially said 'no' as the car had made its way back to the Red Bull garage with assistance, but after it was pointed out to him the race had not officially started, he then decided to consult with the stewards.

As time ticked on, Masi later gave Red Bull the green light for Perez to take part, but from the pitlane, but with the team's efforts to get the car ready in time unrewarded as the race was called off after a further two laps behind the safety car.

Explaining the circumstances behind Perez's re-admittance, Masi said: “That is one of those ones on the quirky list of not anticipated, but it happened."

Suggested to Masi there was no written rule given the circumstances, he added: "No, and there is that part of it."

Masi has stated that given the array of unusual elements that unfolded during the event, a number of rules are likely to be revised for the future.

"All of the teams were finding things themselves," said Masi. "We, again, had circumstances where we couldn’t.

"With some of them, we say that between us all we’re testing all elements of the regulations and seeing what areas we can improve and develop for each event.

“We learnt a few more things [in Spa] that we will improve together as a collective working with all the 10 teams.”


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