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Ferrari "ticking all the boxes" ahead of 2022

Ferrari "ticking all the boxes" ahead of 2022

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Ferrari "ticking all the boxes" ahead of 2022

Ferrari "ticking all the boxes" ahead of 2022

Ferrari academy driver coach Jock Clear believes the team is "ticking all the boxes" ahead of F1's new era in 2022.

The Scuderia has bounced back from a dismal showing last season - its worst campaign since 1980 - to challenge McLaren for third in the constructors' championship and take two pole positions along the way.

With radical regulation changes dramatically altering the make-up of F1 cars next year, opportunities will arise for the pecking order to be shuffled.

Speaking to the Beyond the Grid podcast, Clear said: "It is not difficult to predict, it is impossible to predict.

"Actually, you are asking me to go out of my comfort zone. I spend a lot of my time talking to drivers - F1 drivers and our academy drivers - about objectives and expectations.

"You cannot know what your opposition is doing, you have no idea what the other driver is capable of. You only know what you are capable of and can only influence what you can do.

"If you ask me where is my confidence level, I say relatively high because I see good things going on, I see a lot of development in the right areas, I see a lot of honesty and objective view of where we are and where we have gone wrong.

"We are sort of ticking all the boxes that you say 'this is how you should deal with the issues we have had and this is the way you should develop'.

"Where that puts us in the pecking order really depends on technically what other people come up with and what we come up with. I have no idea what other people are going to come up with. It really is impossible to say."

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