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Vettel "learned a lot" from Silverstone tidy up

Vettel "learned a lot" from Silverstone tidy up

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Vettel "learned a lot" from Silverstone tidy up

Vettel "learned a lot" from Silverstone tidy up

Sebastian Vettel has stated he "learned a lot" in his three-and-a-half-hour litter picking stint after the British Grand Prix.

Vettel was roundly praised for his efforts after the British Grand Prix with the German pictured leading a clearing-up of rubbish from the Silverstone grandstands.

The German, who has previously spoken of the need for F1 to reduce its carbon footprint and "act responsibly", revealed his learnings from his post-race efforts.

"I learned a lot," said Vettel. "I think the people involved, the fans that were happy to help, learned a lot.

"We convinced even some of the fans who were still around the track to get involved and grab a bag and pick up some litter.

"I think it was a good thing to do because we acted. We cleaned two grandstands in three-and-a half-hours and I wanted to know, make sure where the stuff goes after that.

"So I learned a lot in that short time."

Vettel has been a strong ally to seven-time champion Lewis Hamilton in spreading a message of equality in motorsport as well as one of caring for the environment.

This has, however, seen the German receive some criticism although he refuses to be dragged down by this.

"I think in general the squeaky wheel gets the attention, so obviously you are asking the question about potential negative comments, whereas you should ask 1,000 times over the question about the positive comments," Vettel explained.

"So that’s why I think there is not much point spending time looking at that side and seeing the positives."

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