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F1 2022 cars won't have "big impact" on sprint spectacle

F1 2022 cars won't have "big impact" on sprint spectacle

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F1 2022 cars won't have "big impact" on sprint spectacle

F1 2022 cars won't have "big impact" on sprint spectacle
Ewan Gale

The new cars introduced by F1 in 2022 will not have a big impact on racing spectacle should the sport approve sprint qualifying for next season, according to Guenther Steiner.

The British Grand Prix hosted the inaugural sprint event which demonstrated exciting racing during the opening laps before tailing off when the field had settled into an order.

2022 will see radical new aerodynamic structures aimed at promoting more exciting racing and while confirming there was potential for the format, Haas team principal Steiner doesn't believe too much will change under the new regulations.

"In general, it is a little bit fresh what happened, but I don't dislike it," said Steiner.

"We had some competition on the Friday, something to compete for.

"Obviously, it is difficult because we are where we are but if you fight for something it is very exciting for the team and for the spectators because there is qualifying on Friday, a Sprint qualifying on Saturday and the race in Sunday so there is always something happening where competition is involved.

"At the moment, on Friday's we are testing. The ultimate say, the fans have got, not me because we are working in it and what we maybe find exciting and interesting, the fans don't like to see or don't like to watch.

"For sure, there will be a lot of work to be done on that one to evaluate and get the opinions of the people we actually want to watch but in general, right after the event I am pretty positive about the weekend so let's see what the fans say.

"I don't think there will be a big impact on how the format pans out, there will not be a big change from what the cars will be next year."

Steiner happy with 2022 progress

Haas was the first team to switch focus to the new breed of car when it stopped development on its 2021 machine in January.

Asked for the progress being made at the factory, Steiner explained: "Status is the wind tunnel model is in the wind tunnel but we have been developing the car since January and we are doing the maximum we can do from the regulations with the wind tunnel work so that is all going ahead.

"Actually, I am pretty happy with that progress."


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