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Vettel disqualification stands as Aston Martin review bid "dismissed"

Vettel disqualification stands as Aston Martin review bid "dismissed"

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Vettel disqualification stands as Aston Martin review bid "dismissed"

Vettel disqualification stands as Aston Martin review bid "dismissed"

Aston Martin has been unsuccessful in its bid to have Sebastian Vettel's disqualification from the Hungarian Grand Prix reviewed.

Vettel crossed the line second behind Alpine driver Esteban Ocon but was later disqualified after the FIA was only able to obtain a 0.3-litre sample, as opposed to the one litre required under the regulations.

The team cited a lift fuel pump issue as the reason for this.

Alongside its petition for the right to review, Aston Martin also initiated an appeal against the decision to disqualify Vettel.

For the FIA to consider the review, Aston Martin was required to provide "a significant and relevant new element is discovered which was unavailable to the parties seeking the review at the time of the decision concerned".

On Monday, the FIA ruled that although the team had provided new evidence, it was inadmissible.

The decision document revealed: "The alleged “New Evidence” was derived from analysis of more than 100 channels of fuel system related data.

"It concludes that there was a fuel system failure in Car 5. As a result of the loss of fuel cell pressure, the air pump in the fuel cell activated a maximum output. By pumping air through the fuel cell, a significant amount of fuel was inadvertently discharged from the fuel cell of Car 5.

"As a result of that, it was only possible to obtain a 0.3 litre sample of fuel, significantly less than the volume that was expected to have remained.

"Failure of the Fuel Cell Pressure relief valve to seal is the prime suspect but any leak path from the fuel cell would have caused the loss of fuel pressure and resulted in the loss of fuel."

It added: "At the first hearing on August 1, 2021, Aston Martin stated that, according to their calculations using the Fuel Flow Metre (FFM) and taking into account the amount filled into Car 5 before the race, there should have still been 1.44 litres in the tank. However, as Aston Martin now explain, an analysis of various data carried out after August 1, 2021 showed that there was actually less than 1 litre remaining at the end of the race due to an initially unnoticed malfunction in the fuel system.

"In the original decision, the Stewards only assumed the fact that there was not enough fuel in the tank. The question of what caused that situation was left out of consideration. Art. 6.6 in its entirety and Art. 6.6.2 of the F1 Technical Regulations unequivocally calls for a remaining amount of 1 litre and does not allow any exceptions under which circumstances or for what reasons it could be dispensed with.

"Therefore, for the assessment of whether or not the 1-litre requirement was broken, it does not make a difference why there was less than 1 litre. There may be a couple of explanations why at the end of a race the remaining amount is insufficient. In any case, it remains the sole responsibility of the Competitor to ensure that the car is in conformity with the regulations all times (Art. 3.2 FIA International Sporting Code) and it shall be no defence to claim that no performance advantage was obtained (Art 1.3.3 FIA International Sporting Code).

"In order to be able to affirm a “relevant” fact, Aston Martin would have had to present facts that actually more than 1 litre of fuel was remaining. The explanation why this requirement could not be met is not relevant to the decision as to whether a breach of the regulations has occurred."

The decision leaves Vettel 12th in the standings and eight points off 11th place Fernando Alonso.

Aston Martin remains seventh in the constructors' championship, 20 points behind AlphaTauri. Had the decision gone in the British team's favour, Aston Martin would have jumped the Red Bull sister team.

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