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Volkswagen Group entry would show 'strength of F1'

Volkswagen Group entry would show 'strength of F1'

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Volkswagen Group entry would show 'strength of F1'

Volkswagen Group entry would show 'strength of F1'
Ian Parkes & Ewan Gale

An entry into F1 by the Volkswagen Group would show the "strength" of the sport, according to Lawrence Stroll.

The German marque has been involved in recent discussions concerning the new breed of power units to be implemented mid-decade, with the potential for either Porsche or Audi - or potentially both - to join the existing OEMs.

Aston Martin owner Stroll said: "I would certainly welcome and embrace the entry of the VW Group.

"I just think it would show the strength of the sport. The stronger groups that are in the sport is better for everyone involved, whether it be fans, whether it be team owners, whether it be FOM or FIA.

"So I know they’re quite engulfed in conversations about returning with one or two of their brands, and I am very excited and supportive, and I look forward to them coming into the sport. I think it would be great."

US F1's "largest growth opportunity"

In 2022, F1 will add a race in Miami to its calendar as a push for further exposure in the United States continues.

Stroll described the potential for growth in the US is down to the lack of opportunity there in recent history.

"For our road car company, it’s our second-largest market, the US, so we have a tremendous following there for many, many years," he added.

"F1, their push and where they see the largest growth opportunity for them is the United States. That’s why next year we’re adding Miami, that’s why we’re in conversations to do Las Vegas.

"Now the United States is the largest consumer market in the world, particularly for a premium product, and we have the smallest little presence.

"So the opportunity of growth, for the sport, for the teams, to attract sponsors, to attract fans, the biggest, biggest opportunity by far is the United States, because it’s such a void for so many years."


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