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Why Hamilton would be successful in NASCAR

Why Hamilton would be successful in NASCAR

F1 News

Why Hamilton would be successful in NASCAR

Why Hamilton would be successful in NASCAR

NASCAR legend Jeff Gordon believes Lewis Hamilton has the attributes needed to forge a successful career in the American stock car series.

Four-time champion Gordon is a friend of the F1 driver, with Hamilton attending what was the American's final full-time start in NASCAR in 2015 as a guest of the Gordon family.

Speaking to the 'Beyond the Grid' podcast, Gordon suggested seven-time champion Hamilton's work ethic would allow him to be just as successful in NASCAR.

"I have enough confidence in my abilities that I feel like had I taken that path, I would have been successful," said Gordon. "Same for Lewis Hamilton.

"When you have that ability and that talent to find the limit of the car and you have the confidence, drive and desire to push yourself in every aspect - mentally, physically, being completely dedicated to it, you are going to be successful in that discipline, for sure."

Gordon sees similarities between himself, Alonso and Hamilton

Gordon has also spent time with two-time F1 champion Fernando Alonso and between the three drivers, the 49-year-old pointed to a key similarity that has helped them all succeed.

Asked if he saw any resemblances of himself in F1's champions, Gordon replied: "I guess when you excel and reach the highest level of a championship, there is definitely something that you have in common with those other champions.

"But you know, to get there in F1 is so much different to getting there in NASCAR but I still think it takes the same amount of effort and the same type of personality.

"Most importantly, it takes the team around you to create that success and from what I can tell from both Lewis and Fernando is they recognise that.

"They are very appreciative of being able to show their talents and being able to do that because of the people that put that race car on the track or the team that called the strategy that got them through the season.

"That's what I would say I have in common with those guys."


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