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Max Mosley 'was like a brother to me' - Bernie Ecclestone

Max Mosley 'was like a brother to me' - Bernie Ecclestone

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Max Mosley 'was like a brother to me' - Bernie Ecclestone

Max Mosley 'was like a brother to me' - Bernie Ecclestone

Bernie Ecclestone had led the tributes to Max Mosley following the death of the former FIA president following a long battle with cancer.

Mosley and Ecclestone formed a formidable double act during their time overseeing and transforming F1 into the global sport it has become today.

"Really, in a funny way we were like brothers," said Ecclestone, speaking to GPFans Global. "We trusted in each other.

"The worst thing in my life, that upset me more than anything, was that I didn't support him when he had his bloody problems [referring to the News of the World article that sparked his downfall].

"But apart from that we never had a cross word or anything. We were friends for many years."

Assessing what made their partnership work given their different backgrounds, Ecclestone added: "We came from different sorts of upbringings but we just got on well together.

"We trusted each other, which is the most important thing, and we could talk to each other if one of us had an idea or wanted to do something, and not upset each other.

"We ended up doing so many things for F1, and we both did things in different ways.

"He wanted to make sure the public at large had cars that were built properly, were not dangerous, not fragile. He was on the case, making sure they were put together.

"And then we did a lot together with Formula 1 safety, with [Professor] Sid Watkins and myself, to make sure that when there were accidents people were looked after correctly.

"Max was a very genuine, straightforward guy that didn't like too much bulls**t, and people doing things they shouldn't do, saying things they shouldn't say. He was very firm in that way."


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