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Ferrari at odds over future policing of track limits

Ferrari at odds over future policing of track limits

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Ferrari at odds over future policing of track limits

Ferrari at odds over future policing of track limits

Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto and drivers Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz are currently at odds over the different methods the FIA should deploy for the future policing of track limits.

Motorsport's governing body is currently under pressure to find a solution for when drivers exceed track limits, with the rules changing going into and through grand prix weekends dependent on circumstances.

Across the four races this season, various corners at each track have been targeted, with either the white line, kerb or painted area behind serving as the track limit.

This has created confusion to which Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto said: "It’s something we discussed with the team principals and F1 [in Spain].

"Arguing about track limits at the end of the race or during the race is never good for the show so [we need to] have something which is simple, and has an immediate effect.”

While Binotto failed to offer a definitive solution, Charles Leclerc highlighted one issue for all the drivers and the obvious answer.

Leclerc explained: “I can only speak for myself but personally, I quite like the kerb to be the track limit because we can actually feel the vibrations of the kerb.

"Whereas with the white line we are so low in the car, it is very difficult to judge whether you are two centimetres off the white line or on it.

“I like to have the kerbs, but I just think whatever is in place should be consistent and I think that on this we all agree between drivers that we just want something to be consistent, whether it’s the white line or the kerbs.”

Leclerc’s team-mate Carlos Sainz, meanwhile, believes it would be better for the FIA to consider a return to the olden days, when drivers that went off line would quickly hit a gravel trap that could potentially end their race.

Sainz added: “Personally I prefer the gravel after the kerb, so if you go out it's your mistake and that’s it.

“I think the FIA and everyone is realising that the directions that these modern tracks are following is probably not the ideal one for track limits and in the end it's making their life very difficult.

“Respecting the safety standards, the best solution for me would be to put gravel or grass after the exit kerbs, and then we wouldn’t have a discussion about white lines or kerbs.”

Speaking after the two drivers had made their suggestions, Binotto added: “On top of what the two drivers said, which would somehow require modifications to the tracks which are not immediate, we need to do something simple for the fans.

"With full freedom, whatever it is, you take an advantage. Maybe it’s simpler than arguing what’s a track limit and what’s not. From my side, I think if we got a simple solution that would be the best."


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