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Verstappen - F1 drivers to speak with FIA to avoid "messy" track limits repeat

Verstappen - F1 drivers to speak with FIA to avoid "messy" track limits repeat

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Verstappen - F1 drivers to speak with FIA to avoid "messy" track limits repeat

Verstappen - F1 drivers to speak with FIA to avoid "messy" track limits repeat
Ian Parkes & Sam Hall

Max Verstappen has confirmed the Formula 1 drivers are to speak with FIA race director Michael Masi to avoid a repeat of the "messy" track limits confusion during the season-opening Bahrain Grand Prix.

In a thrilling race, Lewis Hamilton ran wide at turn four 29 times without punishment before Mercedes received an instruction from the FIA to respect track limits.

Whilst exceeding the limits had resulted in lap times being deleted in the early stages of the weekend, Masi's event notes had said they would "not be monitored" during the race itself, a statement which caused bewilderment in the paddock.

For this weekend's Emilia Romagna GP, the FIA has introduced a strict three-strikes system, with track limits being monitored at turns nine, 13 and 15, all of which were areas of concern at Imola last year.

To ensure there is a clear understanding throughout the pit lane, Verstappen confirmed the drivers will discuss the matter with Masi in the Friday drivers' briefing.

"We will talk about that with the drivers and, of course, Michael [Masi – FIA race director]," explained the Red Bull driver. "We will see what comes out about it.

“I think it was a little bit messy in the race. I think everything before that was very strict and, I think, good how we handled everything but definitely in the race – I think for 30 laps or something Lewis was going wide and you gain time there.

“I tried it for two laps and they told me not to so it was a bit odd but then, about my overtake, I think that was totally understandable”

Offering a blunt solution to the ongoing track limits problem, Verstappen suggested: “Things can be easily resolved if you just put a wall there or gravel."

Of primary concern to the 23-year-old was that the rules appeared to change during the race, a fact Masi has previously denied.

“I heard that Lewis was going wide so then I did it for two laps but was not allowed to do it anymore," said Verstappen.

“I don’t think you should be able to change it through the race. It is either you can go wide or not."

Whilst voicing his concern about the abuse of track limits, Verstappen conceded he had no gripes over being instructed to hand back the lead to Hamilton after completing an overtaking manoeuvre off the track.

“I can understand, of course, with my overtake outside of the track limits that this is not allowed so this is fine," declared Verstappen.

"But if you cannot gain an advantage by going wide overtaking, why are you allowed to do it on your own. I think it is not correct."


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