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Williams CEO warns "big changes" needed with 2025 engine rules

Williams CEO warns "big changes" needed with 2025 engine rules

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Williams CEO warns "big changes" needed with 2025 engine rules

Williams CEO warns "big changes" needed with 2025 engine rules

Williams CEO Jost Capito has urged Formula 1 power unit suppliers to do "what is best for the sport" and agree to "big changes" with the new regulations for 2025.

From the start of next year, development will be frozen on the current generation of V6 turbo-hybrid systems, with F1's stated aim to create more "powerful and emotive" engines.

Mercedes has produced consistently strong power units throughout the current era that began in 2014.

Capito has said, however, he would be glad to sacrifice the advantage that has come with being provided by the manufacturer for the good of the sport and urged others to follow his lead.

“I think all the manufacturers must be aware, without having detailed discussions with them yet, that it has to change," said Capito. "It is not slight changes that have to be done.

“I believe they are all aware there have to be big changes. Not for them maybe the reason to get other OEMs [original equipment manufacturers] in but to move Formula 1 forward.

"If they do the right thing for Formula 1 that will attract other manufacturers they will see it is the right thing for Formula 1 and they will join.

“I wouldn’t do the regulations for the sake of the objective of other manufacturers coming in. As I mentioned before, what is the best thing for the sport?

“If it is the best thing for the sport, it is the best for the manufacturers who are in and it is the best for manufacturers who would have an interest to come in.”

There are currently four power unit suppliers on the grid - Mercedes, Renault, Honda and Ferrari. Honda departs from F1 at the end of this year, but Red Bull has acquired the technology to continue with the engine from 2022.

As a realist, Capito has accepted he will not simply be able to instruct manufacturers to surrender their advantage.

“I am sure the manufacturers want to keep their advantage so that needs a discussion," added Capito.

"I wouldn’t say that it is easy for me coming in and telling them. They won’t say ‘Hey Jost. It’s great you are here and now we will do what you say.’

“I will not expect that at all but discussions have to take place and you have to fight the right arguments.

"It is not easy but it is my view that I will try to move forward, and I am not that arrogant to say that my view is right. But I will express my view in doing the best for the sport."


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