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F1 and FIA detail objectives for "powerful and emotive" 2025 power unit

F1 and FIA detail objectives for "powerful and emotive" 2025 power unit

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F1 and FIA detail objectives for "powerful and emotive" 2025 power unit

F1 and FIA detail objectives for "powerful and emotive" 2025 power unit

Formula 1 and the FIA have detailed the objectives of the new power unit planned for introduction from 2025 following confirmation of an upcoming engine freeze.

The F1 Commission has unanimously agreed to freeze the system from next year, allowing Red Bull and AlphaTauri to take over this season's PU when the Japanese manufacturer exits F1 at the end of the campaign.

The future of F1's power units is now primarily in the hands of the three manufacturers who will remain after Honda's exit in Mercedes, Ferrari and Renault.

F1 and the FIA have, however, confirmed that "a high-level working group has been established that includes current and potential power unit manufacturers and fuel suppliers" who will oversee the initial research and detail of the '25 system.

Top of the agenda for all concerned is the delivery of a power unit that is in line with sustainability targets, notably for the sport to be carbon neutral by 2030, and that is dramatically cheaper in price given the exorbitant costs that have surrounded the current 1.6-litre hybrid engine.

Outlining what is required for the future, a joint F1/FIA statement read: "The definition of the objectives for the next generation of F1 car and power unit is of the utmost importance to the FIA and Formula 1.

"Together with teams and power unit manufacturers, there is strong alignment on the overall goals – particularly the need to reduce cost and reach carbon neutrality.

"The key objectives for the 2025 power unit are: environmental sustainability and social and automotive relevance; fully sustainable fuel; creating a powerful and emotive power unit; significant cost reduction; attractiveness to new power unit manufacturers."

The freeze on the current PU from 2022 means the new system will now be introduced a year earlier than had originally been planned.

In turn, it naturally means a considerably shorter timeframe to finalise the specification, increasing the pressure on all concerned.

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