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Red Bull engine freeze plan approved by F1 Commission

Red Bull engine freeze plan approved by F1 Commission

F1 News

Red Bull engine freeze plan approved by F1 Commission

Red Bull engine freeze plan approved by F1 Commission

Red Bull has won its battle to secure an engine freeze from 2022 following a vote of the Formula 1 Commission, GPFans Global can reveal.

The Commission unanimously approved a freeze on the development of power units from next year rather than wait until 2023, as originally planned.

A joint F1/FIA Commission statement read: "In a significant development for the sport that reflects the unity and collaborative spirit between the FIA, Formula 1 and the teams, a vote on the freeze of power unit development was undertaken during the meeting, and the proposal was unanimously agreed by all teams and power unit Manufacturers. As such, engine development will be frozen from the start of 2022."

The decision means Red Bull and sister team AlphaTauri will take over the current Honda system when the Japanese manufacturer exits the sport at the end of this season.

Honda's announcement last year that it would again be withdrawing from F1 threw a sizeable spanner in the works for both teams, leaving them with an uncertain future.

Red Bull made clear it would be willing to take on the Honda power unit from 2022, but only if a freeze was agreed from that year and over the following seasons until a new system is introduced in 2025.

The regulations would have allowed Mercedes, Renault and Ferrari to develop their PUs during 2022, while Red Bull and AlphaTauri would have been left languishing in using an older system it would have been unable to develop.

The alternatives for Red Bull and AlphaTauri were either to partner again with Renault or to pull out of the sport altogether, neither of which were deemed as acceptable.

The decision of the Commission - which comprises the 10 teams, the four power unit manufacturers, F1 and the FIA - has now safeguarded the future of Red Bull and AlphaTauri beyond the forthcoming campaign.

Next season sees the introduction of new aerodynamic regulations, which means the only development allowed for three years moving forward will be around the chassis.

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