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Grosjean crash will not make me quit F1 - Hamilton

Grosjean crash will not make me quit F1 - Hamilton

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Grosjean crash will not make me quit F1 - Hamilton

Grosjean crash will not make me quit F1 - Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton has no intention of walking away from Formula 1 despite witnessing the horrors of Romain Grosjean's near-fatal accident in the Bahrain Grand Prix.

The world of F1 held its breath as Grosjean was engulfed in flames after careering into a barrier that resulted in his Haas being split in two.

Mercifully, Grosjean managed to clamber from the burning wreck of his car to safety, suffering nothing more than burns to the backs of both hands.

With Hamilton now 35 and a seven-time champion who has statistically become the greatest driver in F1 history, and given the fact he is without a contract with Mercedes for next season, thoughts of calling it a day may just have crossed his mind.

Asked whether he really needed F1 any more now given such an accident could easily happen to him, he replied: "I’d be lying if I was to say no.

"Of course, you think it’s so important to continue to respect the sport and the dangers that are there. I’ve been racing 27 years and I’ve seen, from a young kid to Jules [Bianchi], his experience.

"When I was nine, I saw a kid die on the same day that I won a race and so I’ve always been aware of the dangers and the risks that I take.

"For sure, as you get later on in life, I would say you would probably question it more than perhaps when I was in my early 20s

"For Romain, I was thinking, 'Jeez, he’s got a wife and kids'. That must be something he will for sure have to think heavily on.

"It's a privilege to be able to do what we do, but there’s so much life also, and so many other things to do beyond.

"It was huge that crash, and the safety definitely reminds us of the great job that has been done, but more needs to be done so we will continue to work on it."

But looking at himself and his desire to continue, Hamilton added: "I don’t have any fears.

"I’m sure for all of us we just get back in and do what we do. I’m not thinking of stopping because of that [Grosjean's accident], no."

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