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F1 2020: First look at the 'My Team' game mode

F1 2020: First look at the 'My Team' game mode

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F1 2020: First look at the 'My Team' game mode

F1 2020: First look at the 'My Team' game mode

Formula 1 game developers have released new footage of the 'My Team' mode, showcasing the newest game mode.

Fans of the series will recognise several familiar features from years gone by, even if new graphics have been added to freshen things up.

As with previous releases, players can create their own virtual driver, choosing from a variety of default options. Car upgrades also remain limited to four aspects, namely, aerodynamics, chassis, engine and durability.

From here on in though, things get more interesting.

Reflecting the real-world, not only can players upgrade the car, but the facilities too can be improved. This will unlock further car performance and upgrades, presumably also making your team more favourable when it comes to signing a new teammate.

A popular addition to recent driving simulators such as Forza and Gran Turismo, has been the ability to create custom liveries.

While this facility is available in Formula 1 2020, it isn't as complete of an experience as in those title already mentioned, with players able to select from a range of designs and alter the colours. If you want to replicate famous liveries from years gone by, unfortunately you'll have to wait for a future release.

Sponsors can be selected from a range of fictional brands, and the experience as a whole looks to be the most hardcore dive into Formula 1 ever.

F1 2020 will be released on July 10, just several days after the real-world season kicks off in Austria.

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