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Mercedes' F1 domination 'worth £4.5billion'

Mercedes' F1 domination 'worth £4.5billion'

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Mercedes' F1 domination 'worth £4.5billion'

Mercedes' F1 domination 'worth £4.5billion'

Mercedes motorsport boss Toto Wolff has revealed the astonishing financial value of his team's success in Formula 1.

Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton have dominated the sport over the past six years, with the team winning a record six consecutive constructors' championships, while the Briton has captured five drivers' titles. Former team-mate Nico Rosberg claiming the other during that period.

Such supremacy has naturally raised the profile of Mercedes to such an extent it has now become "a really cool brand", according to Wolff, and brought it with an eye-watering rise in terms of the team's advertising value compared to eight years ago

After recently reviewing "some data", speaking to Sky Sports, Wolff said: "You could see the audience we were able to generate, the advertising value for Mercedes and all the partners on the car.

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"In 2012 we had an advertising value of, believe it or not, $60 or 70million, and today we are at $4.5billion, and that has unlocked so much potential.

"A Mercedes today is perceived as a sporty car. It wasn't 10 years ago. Of course, the road cars you buy, the AMG cars, they have an edge. We have become a really cool brand."

In assessing the impact of Mercedes' F1 involvement, Wolff added: "I think we have played our part in helping the brand change its image by being in Formula 1, by being successful and triggering some emotion because fundamentally this is what you want to trigger, with all your marketing activities - an emotion, and this is what we do."


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