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Vettel still wants that Ferrari title despite poor form

Vettel still wants that Ferrari title despite poor form

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Vettel still wants that Ferrari title despite poor form

Vettel still wants that Ferrari title despite poor form

Sebastian Vettel took various questions about his future following his round of testing at Barcelona on Wednesday, and although his future with Ferrari is no more clear than before, he remains determined to win the championship with the Prancing Horse.

The German has won the title on four occasions, but they all came during his period with Red Bull, with championship success evading him since his move to Ferrari in 2015.

His current contract runs out at the conclusion of the 2020 campaign, with no recent reports giving a hint as to what his plans may be, whether it be moving teams or retiring altogether.

With testing going on, however, he insists he has no concern about negotiations for the moment.

“No more than last time, a few years ago. Obviously right now we're very busy with other stuff, therefore right now I would say zero,” he said at the FIA press conference when asked if his contract was weighing on his mind.

“I think, it doesn't change anything right now - what we want to achieve, what we want to do, where we are now. Still zero.”

Last year was one of the most disappointing seasons of his career as he ended up finishing fifth, with some corners of the sport suggesting he had fell out of love with F1.

However, when asked if the ‘fire still burns’ within him to succeed, he said yes, and with Ferrari in particular.

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“I would say so,” he replied.

“I've been around now for a while, but I still love what I do, I love driving. I got really excited when I got in the car last week.

“I very quckly got back into a rhythm and that felt great. The satisfaction you get from driving the car, I would say is still the same.

“We're not just here to get a good feeling driving around, I'm here to win. In that regard, in recent years some of them were good, better than others, but none of them have been to our liking at the very end.

“I joined Ferrari to win the championship, we haven't done so, so far, and it's been a couple of years now. The hunger, the will, the determination is still there. We are here to fight.”

After numerous questions regarding his future, both to himself and team principal Mattia Binotto, Vettel politely asked that no more be asked for the moment as it was his intention to focus on testing.


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