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Szafnauer: 'clever bit of ingenuity' from Mercedes

Szafnauer: 'clever bit of ingenuity' from Mercedes

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Szafnauer: 'clever bit of ingenuity' from Mercedes

Szafnauer: 'clever bit of ingenuity' from Mercedes

Racing Point team principal Otmar Szafnauer was full of praise for Mercedes and their DAS (Dual-Axis Steering) system.

Szafnaurer compared the Mercedes system to the F-Duct of McLaren in 2010 in terms of a system that would bring small but vital gains to the car.

“It looks like a clever bit of ingenuity,” said Szafnauer. “I’m sure that everyone now will see how quickly they can get it on [their car].

“Do you remember the McLaren F-Duct? Same thing.

“They came out with it and everyone else tried to copy it. By the end of I think we all had it if I remember correctly.

“Similar to the double diffuser, although that was less visual.”

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While the system has been banned for 2021, regulations stating that the steering wheel may only move in a circular motion, the Racing Point boss isn't betting against the system being adapted for use beyond the current season.

“Even in a year like this, if it makes a big difference, we should do it," continued Szafnauer. "A system like that could transfer into 2021. The limitations of 2021, although there are many, are predominantly aerodynamic, so we’ve got to throw out the aero.

Will Racing Point add the DAS to their cars?

“We don’t understand it well enough yet, some teams will say it’s illegal, sounds like from what James [Mercedes technical director] was saying is that they’ve gone back and forth with the FIA quite a bit.

“It would be odd for the FIA to say yes then no but they have done it in the past.”

The relationship of Racing Point and Mercedes has already been called into question with the RP20 being labelled as 'The Pink Mercedes' for all of the similarities.

Were the system to appear on Racing Point in the early stages of the season, this relationship would likely return to the headlines.

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