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Brawn credits Verstappen for 'exciting and 'fascinating' restart

Brawn credits Verstappen for 'exciting and 'fascinating' restart

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Brawn credits Verstappen for 'exciting and 'fascinating' restart

Brawn credits Verstappen for 'exciting and 'fascinating' restart

Ross Brawn believes Max Verstappen’s tactic to slow down the pack whilst leading the Brazilian Grand Prix following the second restart of the race was so “fascinating” that F1 bosses could look to see how it could be recreated in the future.

There were two stoppages and starts during the race at Interlagos, after Valtteri Bottas and then Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc crashed.

Lewis Hamilton led the first and Verstappen the second. The Dutchman, in an attempt to stop anyone gaining a slipstream on him from in behind, slowed the pace right down knowing that it is illegal to overtake in a safety car period.

When the green flag was given to race, which now comes after the drivers cross the starting/finish line rather than at the pitlane line, he was aware the power of his Red Bull would see him dart away with nobody gaining the advantage of thinner air behind him.

Brawn has praised the ploy from Verstappen, saying it should be analysed and scrutinised due to the excitement it produced with drivers immediately jostling for position after the green flag.

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"He was particularly strong at the second re-start, when he slowed the field right down with the aim of ensuring no one would be able to slipstream past him and snatch victory," explained the F1 director of motorsport.

"It was an exciting and fascinating re-start which will be analysed very carefully, as the closeness of the pack in the seconds leading up to the green flags resulted in a thrilling spectacle as drivers jockeyed for position and where the slightest advantage proved decisive.

"Examining the possibility of procedurally recreating those conditions in future is an interesting concept and one that will undoubtedly be explored in the coming period."

Another fan of how things panned out, at least when the racing restarted, was Daniel Ricciardo, who outlined the adrenaline rush he felt when the slower period ends.

“It was cool,” the Renault man told Motorsport.com.

"I think because now they do no overtaking until the control line, or the start/finish line, it allows us to basically not leave so early, and push it to the very end.

“When Lewis led the first restart, I think he went early, then saw the others were close so he slowed up again. But to be honest I love all that stuff now, so it's fine.

"You see cars are locking up brakes, and it can be a bit chaotic, but obviously that gives you so much adrenaline.

"And when the race is a little bit follow the leader at times, a restart ignites a bit more adrenaline in you."

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