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Belgian Grand Prix 2019: How to buy tickets, travel, accommodation and more

Belgian Grand Prix 2019: How to buy tickets, travel, accommodation and more

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Belgian Grand Prix 2019: How to buy tickets, travel, accommodation and more

Belgian Grand Prix 2019: How to buy tickets, travel, accommodation and more

The summer break is upon us and, after an incredible series of races so far, you want to see the next race – the Belgian Grand Prix – in person. But how do you do that? Read below to find out.

Where can I buy tickets to the 2019 Belgian Grand Prix?

Tickets are available direct from the Formula 1 website, from the Spa Grand Prix website, or through re-sellers.

Whilst you can buy tickets to some of the races in the 2020 season, tickets for the 2020 Belgian Grand Prix are not yet available.

How much do tickets cost?

Ticket prices depend on several factors – which day(s) you choose to visit on, where you want to stand/sit, where you buy them from and more. Full weekend tickets cost from £166 for Bronze and up to £4,381 for Paddock Club access, whilst the remaining Sunday-only tickets start at £147 and go to £351 for seating at the Pouhon corner.

Remaining ticket starting prices:

All prices correct as of 10/08/2019, per https://tickets.formula1.com

Bronze Level (Sunday): £147.64 Bronze Level (Friday-Sunday): £166.21

Silver Level (Sunday): £351.91 Silver Level (Friday-Sunday): £385.34

Gold Level (Friday-Sunday): £528.33

Paddock Club (Friday): £826.25 Paddock Club (Friday-Sunday): £4,381.64

Car Parking (Per Day): £16.72

What do tickets include?

Tickets come in four different bands – Bronze, Silver, Gold and Paddock Club – with each one offering different levels of access. Tickets within each band offer access to different areas of the track as well, with different bands in Silver and Gold offering access to different grandstands.

Bronze tickets

Bronze tickets allow access to free seating in general admission parts of the circuit. At Spa this includes:

• Along the Kemmel straight • The inside of Bruxelles corner to Double Gauche corner • The outside of sector three, from Blanchimont to the Bus Stop Chicane

Bronze doesn’t allow access to any of the grandstands, however you are able to bring in your own folding chairs and blankets to use.

Silver tickets

There are several levels within Silver, giving you access to different grandstands around the track. Silver stands can be found on the straight before Eau Rouge, and on the outside of the Bruxelles and Pouhon corners, offering fans a numbered seat, great views of the track and giant screens to keep up with the race.

Gold tickets

Gold, the most expensive band, gives you access to the best seats in the house. Gold grandstands can be found:

• On the start-finish straight • On the outside of La Source • Along the run to, and surrounding, Eau Rouge • At the Bus Stop chicane

Gold, like Silver, offers views of some of the most exciting corners around the track, numbered seats and screens to watch the race on but, unlike Silver, the grandstands are covered – giving you shelter should the famous Belgian weather take a turn for the worse.

Paddock Club tickets

Paddock Club tickets offer you access to the paddock itself, the pit lane, track parade, hospitality and more. You can take in the race from the paddock club building itself, watching pit stops from above and enjoying the free bar, among other things.

Children’s tickets

Bronze-level children’s tickets are available for a much-discounted price – just £26 for a Friday-Sunday ticket (compared to £166.21 for the same adult ticket). Silver and Gold are more expensive – a child’s Silver ticket costing £184.78 to an adult £385.34.

Children under the age of six are able to enter the circuit for free, whilst anyone under the age of 15 is classed as a child.

How do I get to the Belgian Grand Prix?

Nearest airports to Spa Francorchamps

One of Spa’s most famous features – its location in the middle of the Ardennes forest – makes it one of the most picturesque tracks on the calendar, but also means it’s not the easiest circuit to get to. There are several airports close to the circuit:

• Maastricht Aachen Airport (MST) – at 50 miles from the circuit it’s the closest airport, but with no direct flights from the main UK airports (and landing in the Netherlands, meaning you’d need to cross the border into Belgium) it’s not necessarily the easiest airport • Luxembourg Airport (LUX) – LUX is slightly further away, sitting 71 miles away from the circuit, however it is easier to get to from the UK than Maastricht. • Brussels Airport – (BRU) – at 87 miles it’s further away than Maastricht and Luxembourg, however it’s the closest airport to Spa that’s in Belgium. There’s also flights from across the UK to Brussels Airport. • Brussels South Charleroi Airport (CRL) – also 87 miles away from the circuit, Brussels South Charleroi Airport is a Ryanair route from Edinburgh, Manchester and Glasgow.

Nearest train stations

Verviers Central Station is the closest large train station to Spa, with the circuit just a 24-minute drive away. If you don’t have a car or won’t be getting a taxi, there are shuttle busses that run to the circuit, or both the 294 and the 395 will take you to Francorchamps.

Getting to Spa by car

If you’re going to the Belgian Grand Prix by car, there are two routes from the UK: • The Channel Tunnel to Calais, with prices starting at £30 each way • A ferry from Dover to Dunkirk, with prices starting at £45 each way Both routes will take you along the coast into Belgium, where you’ll join the E40 motorway and E42 motorway, which will take you most of the way there.

Where should I stay for the Belgian Grand Prix? Camping

There are three different campsites for the Belgian Grand Prix:

Green – the green section is south-east of the circuit, towards Burneville and the Les Combes corner. • Yellow – the yellow section is north-east of the circuit, roughly level with the La Source corner, and is the quieter campsite • Young Village – for families or people with young children, the Young Village campsite is just 0.5km from the circuit and offers DJs each night to help keep children entertained.

Camping costs are the same across all three campsites, with Thursday to Monday pitches costing €160 and Saturday to Sunday pitches costing €60. Campsites open at 8:00am on Thursday and close at 11:00am on Monday. Pitches are 40m², and allow up to five people and one car. People wanting more than one car or more than five people will need to book multiple pitches.

All campsites have sanitary facilities, as well as a bar offering food and drink, and barbeques are allowed. More information on where the campsites are can be found here.

Local hotels

If you’re not a fan of camping (or are visiting the track outside of a GP weekend) you may want to stay in a hotel. Luckily there are several extremely close to the track, with Hotel de la Source situated just 100 metres from the La Source hairpin and Le Relais de Pommard sitting half a kilometre away from the track. Prices will change as we get closer to the race and availability changes, so for up-to-date information on availability and price, click here.

2019 Belgian Grand Prix timetable

Friday 30th August Sessions

F3 Free Practice | 9:35-10:20 CEST F1 Free Practice | 11:00-12:30 CEST F2 Free Practice | 13:00-13:45 CEST F1 Free Practice 2 | 15:00-16:30 CEST F2 Qualifying | 16:55-17:25 CEST F3 Qualifying | 17:50-18:20 CEST Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup | 18:45-19:30 CEST

Saturday 31st August Sessions

F3 Race 1 | 10:35-11:20 CEST F1 Free Practice 3 | 12:00-11:00 CEST Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup Qualifying | 13:25-13:55 CEST F1 Qualifying | 15:00-16:00 CEST F2 Race 1 | 16:45-17:50 CEST

Sunday 1st September Sessions

F3 Race 2 | 09:45-10:30 CEST F2 Race 2 | 11:10-12:05 CEST Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup Race | 12:30-13:05 CEST F1 Race | 15:10-17:10 CEST

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