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FIA announce SWEEPING F1 rule changes

FIA announce SWEEPING F1 rule changes

FIA announce SWEEPING F1 rule changes

FIA announce SWEEPING F1 rule changes

The FIA have revealed significant F1 rule changes for the new technical regulations that will be introduced in 2026.

Amongst the biggest changes were those to the power unit, which will feature an even split between internal combustion and electric power.

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Additionally, the 2026 cars will run on 100% sustainable fuel, enhanced through the switch to the 50/50 power distribution.

2026 also sees a record number of six power unit manufacturers competing with Ferrari, Mercedes, Alpine, Honda, Audi and Red Bull Ford Powertrains committed to F1 from 2026.

F1 reveal 2026 car changes

Will F1’s rule changes improve the racing?

A key change is that the 2026 cars will be more ‘nimble’ with the chassis designed to be ‘lighter and smaller’ to promote closer racing.

FIA Single Seater Technical Director Nikolas Tombazis explained the new characteristics that would enable raceability in 2026.

“On the chassis side we have managed to reduce the size and weight of the car by 30kg resulting in a much more dynamic car,” he said.

“In addition we are introducing two exciting new features to enhance racing – active aerodynamics to achieve very low drag on the straights and the Manual Override system that will provide drivers with an on-demand burst of battery power when close enough to the car ahead of them.

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Nikolas Tombazis unveils 2026 chassis changes

"Lighter, more powerful and more focused on driver skill, the 2026 FIA Formula 1 Technical Regulations have been designed to provide closer racing among drivers, increase the competition between teams and improve the spectacle.

"In addition, we have opted for a higher electrical component of the power unit, a more efficient car overall, and fully sustainable fuels, as part of our drive towards a more sustainable future for our sport.”

The new regulations will also provide a shift in aerodynamics with all-new Active Aerodynamics systems, including a low-drag configuration, X-Mode, designed to maximise straight-line speed.

F1 teams are banned from working on their 2026 car until the end of this year, with teams looking to capitalise on this regulation change as Red Bull did in 2022.

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