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Influential F1 figure backs major race relocation

Influential F1 figure backs major race relocation

F1 News

Influential F1 figure backs major race relocation

Influential F1 figure backs major race relocation

Carlos Sainz Sr has championed the potential relocation of the Spanish Grand Prix to Madrid, noting the absence of any set rule dictating a grand prix's permanent venue.

Over its storied history, the Spanish Grand Prix has found homes in various venues, including Jerez, Jarama, and currently, the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.

Since 1991, Catalunya has held exclusive hosting rights, but its position is now threatened by Madrid's bid to host the grand prix, potentially at a circuit near the IFEMA convention centre.

The speculated 2026 arrival date for a Madrid Grand Prix adds uncertainty to Catalunya's future in F1, given the competitive landscape among promoters seeking a calendar spot.

Carlos Sainz Sr would like to see the Spanish Grand Prix relocate to Madrid
Barcelona has been on the F1 calendar since 1991

Sainz Sr: I would be happy with Madrid

Carlos Sainz Sr acknowledges the possibility of the Spanish Grand Prix moving to Madrid, recognising it as an inherent aspect of Formula 1's dynamic evolution. Sainz sees the potential shift as a natural progression, where adaptability is key in navigating the sport's intricate web of transformations.

“I think the presence of a Grand Prix in Spain is fundamental,” the father of Ferrari F1 driver Carlos Sainz Jr said as per Planet F1.

“I don’t know if in the end it will be one or two, but if it is confirmed, and it could be a reality, if the Spanish Grand Prix comes to Madrid, like any Madrileño, [I would be] happy, I know what a Grand Prix implies and the imprint it leaves on a city.

“I think that, on the other hand, Catalonia has had it for many years and enjoyed it, there is no written rule that it has to be for life in one place, it was also in Jerez at the time.

“These are processes in the world of motorsport that are going on and if it really happens, I would be very happy. I encourage anyone who has the ability to decide, and I think it’s a private initiative, so no one can point the finger at anyone and for the money to go somewhere, I think if it is done, it will be a success.”

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