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Verstappen's F1 superiority has 'demoralised' rivals claims former driver

Verstappen's F1 superiority has 'demoralised' rivals claims former driver

Verstappen's F1 superiority has 'demoralised' rivals claims former driver

Verstappen's F1 superiority has 'demoralised' rivals claims former driver

Former Formula 1 driver Christian Danner has lauded Red Bull's Max Verstappen, stating that the Dutchman has introduced a new dimension to the sport, leaving his competitors 'demoralised' by his unprecedented superiority.

The Dutchman racked up 575 points and 10 consecutive race wins in 2023 to claim his third consecutive drivers' championship.

Speaking on Austria's Servus TV, Danner praised Verstappen for his formidable year.

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"Max Verstappen has opened up a new dimension," stated the German.

"You only have to look at his results. The fascinating thing about him is that he can get the absolute maximum out of the car every time."

Red Bull managed to win all but one F1 Grand Prix in 2023
Max Verstappen now boasts the highest win percentage in F1 history (86.35%)

Danner emphasised Verstappen's unique ability to extract peak performance without compromising his tyres or power unit, claiming the 26-year-old will characterise the current era.

"There have always been drivers who have characterised an era," he continued.

"With him this season, everything fit together - the way he understands the car, his aggression at the wheel. Many drivers could attack, but then they destroy their tyres in the process.

"Max has understood how to drive fast without ruining the tyres in a way that I have never experienced from a Formula 1 driver before."

Verstappen's F1 masterclass

The former F1 driver pointed out that Verstappen's dominance has magnified his opponent's poor work, suggesting that the yawning gap between Red Bull and the rest of the field indicates a collective failure among Verstappen's rivals.

"This dominance demoralises the opposition," said Danner.

"But the superiority also proves that everyone else has done a poor job because they are far too far away from the front. And this in a phase in which the field, apart from Red Bull, is moving closer together."

Max Verstappen celebrating his 19th win in the 2023 F1 season

Danner also expressed his astonishment at Verstappen's early career achievements, drawing a surprise parallel with former driver Juan Pablo Montoya.

"The fact that a young man can develop to these heights so early in his career is a surprise to me," said Danner.

"Juan Pablo Montoya, for example, had plenty of talent, but he did far too little with it."

Verstappen will now be recharging in the off-season in order to kick-start his pursuit of a fourth consecutive drivers' championship to equal fellow Red Bull legend Sebastian Vettel.

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