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F1 2023 car launches: Key dates with just one team left

F1 2023 car launches: Key dates with just one team left

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F1 2023 car launches: Key dates with just one team left

F1 2023 car launches: Key dates with just one team left

The time is upon us: F1 car launch season is back!

Each of the 10 teams will show off their new looks ahead of pre-season testing in Bahrain at the end of the month.

With excitement ramped up for the new campaign, GPFans guides you through the ins and outs of the launch season.

F1 car launch schedule: Full dates and times?

Seven down, and just three to go.

90 percent of the teams have now unveiled their new looks for 2023 following the big Mercedes reveal at Silverstone on Wednesday morning. Now we just have one team left on deck...

Here are all the key dates for your launch season diaries:

Haas - January 31

Red Bull Racing - February 3

Williams - February 6

Alfa Romeo - February 7

AlphaTauri - February 11

Aston Martin - February 13

McLaren - February 13

Ferrari February 14

Mercedes - February 15

Alpine - February 16

Will cars look the same at the Bahrain Grand Prix as they do at launch?

The first look at the Mercedes W13 before the 'zeropod' was introduced

It is highly unlikely the cars will look the same on track as they do at the launches.

This is because teams will keep their cards close to their chests in order to keep away the prying eyes of the competition.

For example, if Red Bull intends to run a radical rear wing and included the component during the launch event, rivals would have the opportunity to analyse and potentially create their own versions of the piece.

The Milton Keynes team did exactly this with its sidepod design last year, as did Mercedes, radically changing the car design between Barcelona and Bahrain pre-season tests.

For Haas, the car launch isn't even the car launch... it is the livery launch.

Basically, look at the colour, not the detail!

What changes could there be to F1 cars in 2023?

Perhaps the radical changes to F1's technical regulations last season will lower the anticipation for the launches this season, but there are subtle differences to note.

Regulation changes have been made to the floor ride height to combat the effects of porpoising after the issues experienced last year.

There will also be some rethinking going on at each team using the knowledge gained during the first campaign of the new era - some may switch concepts to something a rival used to an advantage.

Haas provides a great example of how a livery could change, with new title sponsor MoneyGram almost certain to alter the design for the new season.

How can you watch F1 car launches?

Fans of F1 can tune into their favourite teams' launches through Sky Sports F1 [or equivalent broadcasters outside the United Kingdom] or YouTube.

You could be sat in the office with a launch being broadcast slyly on your laptop should the timings allow, or perhaps your family are huge fans of a certain team and could usher in an evening launch with a party!

The openness of the teams to be able to show off their challengers to fans as well as corporate clients is a major plus point of the digital era.

Some teams even provide their biggest fans - as part of supporters groups - with the opportunity to attend the launch themselves, further opening up the sport for those watching. If you aren't already, maybe it is time to increase your activity with your favourite team's supporters groups!

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