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Trailer for the highly anticipated EPIC film 'FERRARI' released

Trailer for the highly anticipated EPIC film 'FERRARI' released

Trailer for the highly anticipated EPIC film 'FERRARI' released

Trailer for the highly anticipated EPIC film 'FERRARI' released

A debut teaser for Michael Mann's 'Ferrari' has just been released, an Enzo Ferrari biopic coming to cinemas at Christmas.

Mann, the filmmaker behind movies such as 'Heat,' 'Collateral,' and 'Miami Vice,' will unveil his latest and ambitious feature film, 'Ferrari,' on December, 25 of this year. The film is set during the summer of 1957, a period when Enzo Ferrari experienced one of the most significant crises in his life.

His factory was going through a tough financial phase, and his marriage wasn't in its best moments, a year after the loss of his son Dino. Concurrently, Enzo struggles with acknowledging his son Piero with Lina Minardi. Ferrari's personal problems intertwine with the sporting challenges ahead, with the Mille Miglia, the 1,000-mile race across Italy, set as a target.

The film, with a screenplay by Troy Kennedy, will feature a prestigious cast including Adam Driver, Penelope Cruz, Shailene Woodley, Sarah Gordon, Gabriel Leone, Jack O'Connell, and Patrick Dempsey.

The film will premiere at the 80th edition of the Venice International Film Festival on August 31, 2023. The trailer has already been unveiled, featuring minimal dialogue and leaving the music and the engines as protagonists to build the tension.

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Ferrari in the history of cinema: Some of the best films

Ferrari is one of the best known and most prestigious brands in the world, and has always been present in the history of cinema, either as a protagonist or with the inclusion of its cars. Mann's new film aims to be one of the most representative of the brand, but there have been many throughout history.

Bullitt (1968)

Directed by Peter Yates and starring Steve McQueen as the detective Frank Bullitt, facing off against villains on the streets of San Francisco, this film is a classic in the action genre and is considered one of the best films of its kind.

Its most iconic and influential scene is a car chase through downtown San Francisco, where Bulllit drives a green Mustang GT Fastback in a thrilling chase against a Ferrari 275 GTB, further elevating the brand's prestige as a symbol of speed and luxury.

The Italian Job (2003)

Charlize Theron, Mark Wahlberg, and Edward Norton star in this thrilling film directed by F. Gary Gray, where a group of thieves plans and executes a heist in Los Angeles.

In one of his most famous scenes, Edward Norton drives a 550 Maranello through the city streets at full speed to escape from the police, while displaying the unmistakable capability and presence of a Ferrari.

Ford v Ferrari (2019)

Directed by James Mangold and starring Matt Damon and Christian Bale, the film tells the true story of the battle between these two iconic car manufacturers during the 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans.

While the film primarily focuses on the Ford team, Ferrari also holds significant importance as the rival, with models like the 330 P3 and the 330 P4 taking part in thrilling scenes filled with speed and prestige.

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