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F1 new regulations delay frustrating and disappointing - Latifi

F1 new regulations delay frustrating and disappointing - Latifi


F1 new regulations delay frustrating and disappointing - Latifi

F1 new regulations delay frustrating and disappointing - Latifi
Ian Parkes & Ewan Gale

Nicholas Latifi has said he was only expecting to spend a single season languishing at the back of the field before Williams could hopefully turn around its fortunes under the now delayed new set of regulations for 2022.

Originally, Formula 1's new era was due to be introduced for the coming campaign, only for the Covid-19 pandemic to alter plans and delay the rules by a season.

It means Williams can again be expected to struggle towards the rear of the pack despite an improvement last term when the team narrowly missed out on points finishes on pure pace.

Latifi, who enters his second season of F1 racing, conceded the decision to postpone the regulations was frustrating.

"I was definitely one of the people that was very disappointed when it was decided the rules were getting delayed for 2022," Latifi told GPFans Global.

"When I signed for the team, I knew the situation it was in. I knew it was going to be a difficult year, but based on the fact I knew 2022 was going to be a brand new car, new regulations, for sure it was going to be an opportunity to hopefully have a reset.

"Not that I was expecting to have the fastest car all of a sudden but everyone starts a bit more from scratch and it kind of levels the playing field a bit.

"So, unfortunately, having to stay with and carry over the car, it is another year that we will struggle more than we want to.

"But it will only make me better as a driver because the car itself is not the easiest to drive, you have to work a bit harder behind the wheel as opposed to if you have a car that is doing everything you want."

Despite the disappointment, Latifi is aiming to keep making the strides that saw him finish 11th on three occasions during his rookie season.

The Canadian has, however, acknowledged that the carryover will leave all teams in the same position.

"Hopefully, we can be in a position where we have a car that is competitive, we can fight for points more consistently and we are in the thick of it and I'm going to be a more robust and better driver," added Latifi.

"A bit of a shame that everything carries over. It is not what I hoped for when I first signed, but it is the same situation for everyone so I am going to make the best of it."


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