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Shocking images prove just how “special” F1 drivers are – Horner

Shocking images prove just how “special” F1 drivers are – Horner



Shocking images prove just how “special” F1 drivers are – Horner

Shocking images prove just how “special” F1 drivers are – Horner

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner said the shocking images of Romain Grosjean’s accident prove why Formula 1 drivers are “so special” in taking the risks they do.

Footage of the fiery crash was beamed all around the world as soon as it was clear Grosjean’s life was not in immediate threat, a decision that drew critisism from Renault driver Daniel Ricciardo.

But Horner said: “I think motor racing is dangerous and I am sure that accident will be on the front page of numerous newspapers around the world and will have world headlines.

“Formula One is a dangerous sport, that’s why these drivers are so special, they have the ability to get back into a car and race flat out after an incident like that.

“What’s been very fortunate is that the driver has survived it relatively unscathed. I think they wouldn’t have made those replays if the driver had been in any way injured significantly.”

Grosjean hit a retaining barrier head-on before piercing through it in a ball of flames, leading Horner to claim it was down to “25 to 30 years” of safety improvements that the Frenchman escaped with just burns to his hands.

Grosjean put his survival down to the halo device, which was introduced in 2018 to protect drivers heads from debris.

Many in the sport, including Grosjean, previously criticised the device and tried to prevent its development but Horner suggested its detractors had now been proven wrong.

“Five years ago a driver would not have survived that incident,” said Horner. “Sometimes we give the FIA a hard time because the halo came under criticism and so on, but hats off to them. Halo saved his life.

“Romain owes his life to those measures, not just on the car but the circuit, the way the marshals dealt with it, the safety car. You’re always learning, I’m sure it will be hugely analysed and improvements inevitably will be made for the future.

“I can’t imagine what g-forces must have been involved but you have to say the car, the safety cell, the halo, the fireproof overalls, the belts, the HANS system, the extraction, the FIA crew being there within seconds.

“Of course, you’re always going to learn, but to hit a stationary barrier at what must be over 150mph and walk away I would say is the biggest result.”


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