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Hamilton and Vettel wrong to criticise Pirelli – Sainz

Hamilton and Vettel wrong to criticise Pirelli – Sainz



Hamilton and Vettel wrong to criticise Pirelli – Sainz

Hamilton and Vettel wrong to criticise Pirelli – Sainz

Carlos Sainz believes Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel are wrong to criticise Pirelli after the drivers ran the rule over the Italian manufacturer’s 2021 development tyres ahead of the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Hamilton suggested the tyres had “gone back two years in development”, and while Sainz conceded there are questions over their performance, he feels the drivers should discuss it behind closed doors.

When asked about the airing of issues, McLaren driver Sainz said he was “not going to add to what Sebastian and Lewis have said in the media already” before clearly revealing what he thought anyway.

“I don’t think its good to talk about an F1 partner in that way right now," he said. "We all need to swim in the same direction in terms of trying to get the product to be better.

“But it’s no secret that at the moment drivers in general, we all think the tyre could be one step better at least every year, and it doesn’t feel like the new tyres are any type of revolution compared to the previous ones."

In fairness to Hamilton, he did begin by praising Pirelli on Friday for their efforts in supplying tyres week in week out, and prior to making his critical comments, he wavered by stating: “Oh my God! I’m trying my hardest not to say anything.”

Many drivers are concerned the tyres are significantly heavier and slower compared to the existing ones, and while Vettel said he thought they had been “worth a shot” he then pleaded: “I hope we never see these tyres again.”

Sainz revealed the drivers had set a series of targets they hope Pirelli would achieve with the new tyres but added: “We haven’t talked to Pirelli directly, only the FIA, and we have expressed our feelings and concerns regarding this matter.

“On the drivers’ target letter, there has been a lot of requests regarding performance, overheating, blistering; [all] that apart from safety, [as] obviously safety is one of our highest priorities, if not the highest.

“After two or three years of the same tyre compound, you expect improvements in performance, or at least in the overheating issues we are having. In the end [this] is what limits us from creating a better show and pushing us as drivers."

Pirelli has focused on making its tyres more durable to improve safety, but Sainz’s team-mate Lando Norris is not so sure that is necessary, suggesting changes in other areas are all that is needed.

He added: “There are already things being done to limit us from a downforce and grip side of things, which is the aero changes. We need to chat more between us drivers, the FIA and Pirelli and just come to an agreement together.”


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