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Russell can see "benefits" of missing FP1 in Bahrain

Russell can see "benefits" of missing FP1 in Bahrain



Russell can see "benefits" of missing FP1 in Bahrain

Russell can see "benefits" of missing FP1 in Bahrain

Williams driver George Russell believes there are "some benefits" to sitting out first practice for the Bahrain Grand Prix due to the track conditions during the day at the circuit.

Russell will make way for Formula 2 driver Roy Nissany in FP1 in Bahrain as the team gives the Israeli a third run-out of the season following appearances in Barcelona and Monza.

Whilst this would usually put Russell at a disadvantage, the Briton pointed to the conditions during the day as a reason he would be compromised "an awful lot".

"FP1 is generally sandy, it is in the middle of the day and we qualify and race at night," he said.

"Arguably, there are some benefits to missing out FP1 in conditions like this so I will be eager on the sidelines and getting myself hyped up ready for FP2."

Practice sessions give the teams and drivers valuable time to optimise strategies and set-ups with a view to qualifying and the race, something which was a premium at the two-day weekend at Imola.

Russell explained that with a night race such as Bahrain, the weekend is effectively reduced to a single practice session due to the unrepresentative track conditions in the day compared to the night running in FP2, qualifying and the race.

"The facts are you cannot really [set up the car in first and final practice]," he added.

"You have to do some testing in FP1 and FP3 but take your results with a pinch of salt. FP2 is really our only proper session.

"So there is so much emphasis on that session and if there are any issues or any problems then you are definitely on the back foot.

"That's what makes racing in Bahrain and Abu Dhabi unique. Even though we still have three sessions, realistically it is only the one so it is tricky. It is making sure you are on the right foot from the off."

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