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Hamilton not a hypocrite for promoting Extreme E

Hamilton not a hypocrite for promoting Extreme E


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Hamilton not a hypocrite for promoting Extreme E

Hamilton not a hypocrite for promoting Extreme E

Lewis Hamilton does not believe he is being hypocritical by taking ownership of an Extreme E team and promoting sustainable technology as part of his "rest-of-life changes".

Hamilton has not been afraid to alter his lifestyle in recent years as he sold his private jet, uses only electric vehicles where possible and is also a vegan.

The six-time champion now views the launch of his X44 team in Extreme E as the next phase of his evolution, although has faced criticism given the sport in which he competes, despite its aims to be carbon neutral by 2030.

"This is long-term, rest-of-life changes I am making in my life," said Hamilton.

"Undoubtedly it is difficult because you have people who are like 'Yeah, but you race a Formula 1 car every weekend'.

"I think ultimately, some of it is education because not everyone knows what footprint our sport has and what we are currently doing to try and improve that.

"But what I have tried to say is that I am making a lot of changes in my personal life. I don't drive any of the cars I own any more."

Extreme E is a new electric off-roading championship that will race in remote locations around the world in places that have been greatly affected by climate change.

Believing he can use his high profile to make a difference, Hamilton added: "I am trying to do my best whilst still doing what I love doing and helping to put pressure on people here in this sport.

"There are lots of areas where we can be way more sustainable, and I think I have got more power from within."

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