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Grosjean: "No regrets" over British GP following stinging criticism

Grosjean: "No regrets" over British GP following stinging criticism



Grosjean: "No regrets" over British GP following stinging criticism

Grosjean: "No regrets" over British GP following stinging criticism

Romain Grosjean is adamant he has "no regrets" over his actions in the British Grand Prix despite continued criticism.

Grosjean was shown a black-and-white flag - for unsportsmanlike driving - following a sharp direction change whilst defending against Carlos Sainz during the Silverstone race, before repeating the manoeuvre against Daniel Ricciardo.

It led to Sainz berating Grosjean for driving he deemed as "scarily dangerous"; Ricciardo accused the Frenchman of being "on the edge"; while former Red Bull driver Mark Webber said the 34-year-old was "borderline out of his depth in Formula 1".

Although conceding his second defence against Ricciardo, which led to him being handed a warning following a post-race investigation by the stewards, was close to the mark, Grosjean insisted he had no issue with the initial incident.

"I've got no regret over the race," said Grosjean.

"With Daniel, it was a bit marginal. It is not an excuse but our mirrors are not the best in the world so I got caught a little bit by that, but I thought the other one was fine.

"I actually enjoyed the use of black-and-white flags, I think it is a good regulation that was brought this year and gives us an idea of what is right and what is wrong.

"I think the first time I had it, it wasn't really necessary. I would have definitely had one for Daniel."

Grosjean conceded his driving style has been dictated by the current deficiencies of the VF-20, believing his defensive style was crucial in attempting to score his first points of the season.

"Top speed is not our strength," he explained.

"So we know that when there is a car behind, the straight line is not our favourite moment and we need to defend and yes, be a bit creative. I guess we just need to try to do the best we can to defend the position.

"I knew that it was a key moment in the race. I knew that if I could open a gap with the positions behind then maybe we would have a chance with a late pit stop and coming back through the field to get points and I played my own card the best I could."

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